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We listen or see more places, but we discover Uganda that is very beautiful and also many natural beauties is there. Uganda is known as “pearl of Africa” because there are amazing, beautiful places that attract tourism and different from others.

Our personalized tour and travel services are around Uganda and Rwanda, destinations rich with wildlife, primates, rich traditional cultures and amazing landscape scenery from wide spread Savannah, rolling hills, jaw dropping blue skylines among others. Our choice of accommodation are exotic forts, boutique resorts and luxury lodges and hotels.

Uganda is known as “pearl of Africa” because there are amazing, beautiful places that attract tourism and different from others.

In this magnificent destination the tourist would view the rolling hills, sparkling lakes, ample wildlife and the several national parks and those are outstanding for all tourists to have an adventure therein once in their life obviously.

The game safari is one of the most enjoying trips that relates with the popular activities such as water sports, boating, hiking, climbing the mountain which are the most alluring activities that are highly enjoyable for the tourists who are going to have such a safari trip in Uganda. The tour of this popular African nation would give the tourist something special moment viewing such as the natural inhabitant of the wildlife, and the tree climbing of lions which are most alluring and amazing to every tourist obviously. You can enjoy there by playing with kids. Uganda tour operator is also helping you in your travel. Always they guide you and also they help you in your tour to meet up with all natural beauty of Uganda.

Whenever you want to do gorilla tracking, enjoy the greenery of the Africa. Uganda gives some more feeling about the wildlife that is an outstanding experience for all tourists who would get the best guidance through the Uganda tour operator.


Rwanda safari tours would be more fabulous for all tourists wherein they would view the dense jungle, mountains, gorilla, chimpanzee, primates, various species of birds and the country of Rwanda in the East Africa renowned for the green dense jungle, mountainous landscape. Herein tourist could view the well reputed globally the Volcanoes National Park as the home of the gorillas and golden monkeys.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes confidence Africa Tours different from other safari companies?

Our distinction lies in our small passionate team dedicated to crafting luxury safari focused on sustainability conservation and community impact.

We offer more than just a safari

We provide life-changing experience that resonate with like minded individuals with every journey. Our flexibility in planning and our exceptional travel partners across Africa ensures each safari is an authentic, personalized adventure

How do you ensure safety and security during the safari?

We prioritize your safety with experienced guide’s well planned itenararies and adherence to all safety protocols

Are your safari suitable for families with children?

Our safari are customized to suite families,ensuring safe education and enjoyable experience for all ages.

Do you offer Tailor-made in wildlife photographic safari ?

Yes we specialise in astonishing wildlife photography safari, catering to both a mateur and professional photographers seeking the perfect shot.

How do you tailor a safari to my interests and preference?

We personalize each safari based on your interests, preference and desire level of adventure, ensuring a unique and memorable journey.

What wildlife can I expect to see on your safari?

Depending on the destination you can see the big five rare specie’s bird life and participate in unique encounters.

Can I combine multiple countries in one safari itinerary?

Absolutely we specialise in creating multi – country itineraries that encompass adiverse array of African distinctions . Foristance you could start your journey in Uganda move to Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda.
We also offer trips that combine the African mainland with stunning Indian ocean island like Zanzibar Madagascar or Seychelles. Exploring Zimbabwe Botswana Namibia South Africa together is another popular option. These are just few examples of the many mult-destinations safari possibilities we can arrange to ensure a rich and varied experience of Africa

How does Confidence Africa Tours contribute to local communities ?

A potion of our proceeds support local communities ensuring a positive impact from every safari.

Do you cater for Exclusive use safari experience ?

Yes we offer exclusive use of camp’s and lodges for a truly private safari experience. These include services like private butlers, private local flights and transfers , and personalized safari activities ensuring luxurious adventure’s toilored to your preference

What kind of accommodations can I expect on your safari?

Our safari feature arrange of luxurious lodges and camp’s ensuring comfort, outstanding service and a true inversion in the African wilderness.

Options include unique star bed’s, fly camp’s for a closer – to – nature experience and more traditional authentic safari camp’s. We corroborate with exceptional travel partners across Africa to offer a variety of accomodations catering to different test’s and ensuring a memorable stay.

How much physical activities is involved in your safari?

Activities range from leisurely to active including game drives. Walking safari as more toired to your comfort level

Are there opportunities to cultural interactions during the safari?

We offer authentic cultural experience allowing you to engage and learn from local communities in respectful and meaningful way

How do you ensure your safari are eco-friendly and support conservation?

We partner with eco-friendly lodges and engage in practices that minimize environment impact while supporting wildlife conservation and community initiative.

Do you cater for Family safari ?

Absolutely we specialise in family friendly safari and highly encourage parents to bring their children. Our itineraries are designed to be safe enjoyable and educational for all ages. Fostering a love and understanding of Nature and wildlife in young minds. We believe that introducing children to the wonders of the African wilderness is the key to future conservation efforts.

We don’t just create once -in a life time trip, We curate tailor-made African safari that guests yearn to repeat and share with others.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions and preference during the safar?

We cater to all dietary needs and preference ensuring high quality delicious meals throughout your safari

What are the payment and cancellations policies for your safari?

We offer transport and fair policies with details provided during the booking process.

Do you offer low budget safari ?

No our focus is on premium sustainable safari experience. However we offer value through special deals like stay 6 days pay for 5 . And with partners to include perks like free flights btn camp’s or complementary service, helicopter rides our goal is to create a win -win situation for our guests travel partners and the conversation community projects we support.
We strive to secure the best possible deals without compromising on the quality and integrity of the safari experience.

Fantastische reis door Oeganda Onder begeleiding van Confidence hebben we een prachtige tour gemaakt door Oeganda. Confidence is heel scherp en spot direct de prachtigste dieren. Hij heeft ons veel verteld over de wildlife in Oeganda, vertelde uit zichzelf allerlei achtergrond informatie over de natuur en cultuur en beantwoordde al onze vragen die we konden bedenken. Tijdens de reis wist hij perfect waar we de restaurants zaten waar het eten van goede kwaliteit was en het ook schoon was. Als je tussen de soms lange stukken door even wilde stoppen, deed hij dit ook altijd op plekken waar ook een supermarktje aanwezig was zodat we de nodige snacks/drankjes konden kopen. In de soms moeilijk begaanbare gebieden wist Confidence in een 4X4 overal zonder problemen door te komen wat een betrouwbaar gevoel gaf. Al met al hebben we genoten van Oeganda, zeker met behulp van Confidence. We raden aan om met hem het land te ontdekken!
Sally B
Sally B
Trip of a life time I have just finished an 8 day trip through Uganda with Confidence which was amazing. Confidence is a safe driver with excellent bird and wildlife knowledge. He is well organised with excellent english communication skills. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Confidence to take you through Uganda.
Een fantastische (shoebill)gids! Mijn vrouw en ik deden een 16-daagse rondreis in Uganda onder de professionele begeleiding van Confidence. Het hoogtepunt voor mij moest een uitzonderlijke shoot worden van de shoebills. Confidence slaagde erin om mij meer dan eens een hele goede kans te geven om die opdracht te volbrengen. Hij kent als local het land op zijn duimpje en probeert zijn klant van de eerste minuut tot de laatste seconde te behagen ! Hij is niet echt (technisch) de handigste kerel, maar dank zij zijn sociaal netwerk en zijn vriendelijke omgang staat iedereen altijd klaar om hem te helpen. Dit hebben wij meermaals aan de lijve ondervonden! Hij probeert er elke dag het beste van te maken en de wensen van zijn klant op allerlei manieren elke dag in te vullen. Ik kan hem dan ook sterk aanbevelen om met hem Uganda te ontdekken.
Anne & Marc
Anne & Marc
Part of the family We zijn twee keer op safari geweest met Confidence Africa Tours. We konden genieten van een programma op maat. Alles was perfect geregeld! Confidence heeft ons op een heel deskundige manier begeleid op onze reizen. Confidence studeerde toerisme, hij kent zijn land door en door en is een echte ornitholoog! We hadden het geluk zijn gezin te mogen ontmoeten. We voelen ons nog steeds als een deel van de familie!
Monique V
Monique V
Unieke rondreis met gezin door Uganda Wij hebben met ons gezin drie weken door Uganda gereisd en het was een topervaring. Nog niet zo'n drukte als in de parken in Kenia/ Tanzania, een heerlijk klimaat en een erg divers landschap. Mede dankzij de prettige en deskundige begeleiding van Confidence, onze gids, hebben wij erg genoten van onze reis. Door zijn ugandese achtergrond, uitgebreide ervaring en gedegen opleiding weet hij veel te vertellen over lokale tips, gewoontes, en ontwikkelingen in dit bijzondere land. Als voormalig ranger weet hij zelfs hyena's uit een hol te 'roepen' en leeuwen in de boom te vinden. Hij blinkt daarnaast met name uit in zijn uitgebreide kennis van vogels, hoe vaak we wel niet gestopt zijn om een bijzondere vogel te spotten ... Uiteindelijk heeft hij ons gezin drie weken veilig en relaxed rijdend door het land begeleid, wij kunnen Confidence van harte aanbevelen.
Travel to Rwanda with Confidence I am a solo female who travelled to Rwanda last June for 2 weeks. Rwanda is a beautiful, safe and friendly country and my trip was amazing. Special thanks to Confidence, my driver and guide. He was punctual, patient and an excellent driver. Also, respectful, professional, easygoing, warm with excellent birding knowledge. Travelling with an African native makes contact with others easier as he knows how to approach and communicate with everyone. You also get to visit or eat in places you might not step foot into if on your own which makes the whole experience more authentic. Happy Travels with Confidence!
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