The exploration of the jungle animals in their natural inhabitant is more exotic for everyone who is going or still have not visited in the Africa continent for safari tours. A safari refers to an overland journey to Africa in the attempt of observing and photographing wildlife in their natural inhabitant or hiking and sightseeing.

Rwanda safari tours would be more fabulous for all tourists wherein they would view the dense jungle, mountains, gorilla, chimpanzee, primates, various species of birds and the country of Rwanda in the East Africa renowned for the green dense jungle, mountainous landscape. Herein tourist could view the well reputed globally the Volcanoes National Park as the home of the gorillas and golden monkeys.

The existence of the thousands hills along with volcanoes rainforest the country of Rwanda is the inhabitation for the wildlife as their best choice that is outstanding and most stunting for the safari trips. This magnificent nation embodied with the incredible flora and fauna and its capital is Kigali which embodied with the spanning with several ridges and valleys along with lush hillsides and flowering trees that are magnificent or as a paradise.

The Rwanda safari tour is the sobering experience of all tourists if it is compared with other trips and the safari tour/gorilla tour in Rwanda could be more effective through confidence Africa Tours & Travel Limited because we have the experienced guide to complete your most dreaming safari trip in this nation so effectively.

Rwanda culture and wildlife

3 Days kigali Apes Tour

In this trip duration the tourist would able to start their safari tours through the Rwanda’s capital Kigali which is the evidence of historical event memory of the genocide, landmark of colonial, post independence in the first day. Tourist would visit here the Nyamata and Ntarama churches the evidences of the genocide wherein many innocent people were killed by perpetrators.

In the second day of the Kigali apes trip the tourist would capable to visit the gorilla trekking through our expert guide in Volcanoes National Park. After completion of the breakfast we start the stunting climbing experience the mountain of gorilla.

In the third day of the trip we start for the observance of the Golden Monkeys that inhabits in Volcanoes National Park.


8 days Gorillas and Chimps


During the 8 days Gorillas and chimps tour the tourist would start their safari adventure in Rwanda through the assistance of our expert guidance team from departure of Kigali by visiting the historical sites of the main roads Kamegeri’s rock. After breakfast to the next destination is the Nyungwe National Park for the chimps trekking. Other destinations serially visited by the tourist as Ruhengeri, Banana and Sorghum beer Production and farewell Kigali.


7-day Community Based Tourism

Having added the 7 day community tourism in the Rwanda Safari Tours through the Confidence Africa Tour would be more sobering safari adventure for all tourists wherein they could visit the historical sites along with the gorilla and chimpanzees inhabitation in the dense jungle of the high mountains.