In the continent of Africa Rwanda and Uganda renowned for the richest destinations of the birding safaris wherein more than 1050 species of birds are found in the dense jungle and in the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains and immense Lake Victoria. In this East African country every year a huge flock of birds are migrated from various far areas and assembled therein by preying other living things.

Africa’s birding capital the Equatorial country embodied with the amazing diversity of the numerous birds’ inhabitat in the natural environment in the high mountains and dense reinforest areas. There are three endemic bird areas in Uganda those areas are as the Albertine Rift mountains, Estern DR congo lowlands and Kenya mountains. There are found various species of bird such as herons, shoebill, Strange Weaver, Shelley’s Crimson-wing, Rwenzori Double-collared Sunbird, Bush-shrike, and many more.  

Uganda is the harbour of the plenty of African bird’s species that are rare which are not found in any other continent. By photographing and observing make the birding safari trip more effective through our expert tour and travel agency.

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Safari Booking Uganda

Everyone make plan whenever they approach for the safari adventure in abroad especially in the continent of the African nation which is the world famous for its evidences of the wildlife, rain-forest, tracking routes, birding safari and many more. almost of the people are dreaming to have a safari trip in Uganda due to its diversity of the landscape along with the most amazing bird inhabitantion of the numerous rare species in dense forest and they are greatly urging for the safari booking Uganda.


14 days Forest birding safari

Among the other birding safari trips duration the 14 days forest birding safari too most alluring for the clients who are curious intending to visit the Uganda for the exact exploration of the various bird’s species movement in the dense forest wherein our experienced birding guide would help you to have it overcome in the best way what you are dreaming with this amazing birding trip.


24 days the best of Uganda

In selecting the options of the birding safaris that are operated by us which are classified in the several day categorized safari trip for birding safaris in Rwanda and Uganda. In this birding exploration trip the tourist would acknowledged with the national bird of the Uganda is the grey crested crane and many more and it is the best birding safari adventure among others.


12 Days Albertine Rift Endemics

On stepping at the airport of the Uganda for the first time in the attempt of the birding safari our bird guide would welcome you and assist to guide complete pleasantly for the best bird exploration and adventure in the Albertine Rift mountains wherein found the endemics species of the many birds in the natural inhabit.


Birds at source of the Nile

Being the world’s most popular birding destination the entire Uganda and its eastern zone also more reputed all through the globe due to rare bird species that are amazing and having the 10 days Eastern Uganda Birding the expert team of our tour and travel agency would help you to have the sobering experience upon it.